Start your distributor search today to find new companies. We make it easy to access our list of over 19,000 distributor locations across North America. Defined as Electrical, Electronic, Industrial, HVAC and Showrooms.


Looking to find a rep? Our database makes it easy to find and contact over 1,350 reps across North America,defined as Electrical or Lighting Reps; with their principal and key product line denoted, wherever possible.


Build new specifier relationships with our list of over 1,400 Lighting design, Architect and MEP firms across North America. Each has the principal contact information, where possible.

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Instead of booking a flight and spending a week meeting reps or distributors you already know, we make it easy for you to find potential customers you DON'T KNOW through a simple search of our database. You can even search by location! For instance, did you know that Kansas City has 18 rep firms and nearly 200 distributor locations? Or that Illinois has 66 rep firms and 452 electrical distributor locations? While you may be familiar with some of the companies, chances are you don’t know them all. This is where ElectriConnect helps you plan your trip more effectively. Grow your business with new partners. The industry is changing.. why not meet someone you don’t know?

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How we can help you is the #1 sales tool for prospecting new customers. Access an inexpensive database of over 19,000 distributor locations; over 1,400 lighting design and engineering firms, and over 1,350 rep firms. features:

- Search for new connections by zip code, city/state, name, address, phone number, industry code, website

- Contact new companies by directly emailing from or call with the provided phone number; introduce yourself, set up a meeting!

- Create various projects and easily assign contacts in the basic CRM system

- Track discussions and add notes to a contact is the ONLY fully curated database of electrical industry contacts loaded into a basic CRM system.

YES. If you’re looking to expand your network of professional relationships; ESCO’s, national accounts, industrials, etc., to do that, you need local relationships.


YES. If you're looking for new distributors in markets your current rep might not be aware of or deemed too small or suitable for their business. Those distributors may serve unique markets for your products: industrial customers, end-user commercial properties, national retailers, local specialty end-users, sign manufacturers, municipal customers, or utility or co-op customers, etc. Meeting new businesses opens up possibilities.


YES. If you're looking for a potential opportunity to identify new partners who can take your products into new markets.

For each distributor in our database you will find their contact information, website and in most cases the branch manager’s name. The distributors are classified as electrical, industrial, HVAC or showroom. Within the search function, you will also establish your own search project and manage your activities with that account.

Easily search and find reps in our database. Where available, we also provide the principal’s email and cell phone for ease of introducing yourself. The reps listed are classified and searchable by either “Lighting Rep" or "Electrical Rep". Each rep is further categorized by their major vendor partner, if applicable.

ElectriConnect has over 1,500 Lighting Design, Architect or MEP firms available for your review. Each listing includes the company website and the firm’s principal; where available, with their email address. You can email directly out of ElectriConnect and schedule a meeting with them.

If you find a mistake in our large database.... Click: Report an issue. If you hear of a company that we are missing. Name change? Company moved or closed? Send us a note on Report an Issue and we’ll fix it. We update our database weekly and appreciate your assistance in ensuring it’s as accurate as possible.

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We make creating an account easy and fast! Start by registering today and test drive one month for $125.

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Searching is easy! Simply choose your area of interest and specify a location, or add a radius search to the location for greater results. HINT: do not enter a city or state name, add the zip code and select a radius surrounding that city for best results. (entering a city name defaults to only those locations within the city limits)

Step 3

Your search results will give you general company information, including a link to their website along with whom to contact. You can now check each result you want to contact and place your search results into a project folder and use it as a CRM to track the progress of your results. Send emails to the principal contacts or call them, check their website, send them your brochure, etc. You can also rate them and add notes to track the progress of your project.


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After your first month, you will be billed in full monthly intervals, at the end of each month. Cancel at any time, come back any time for additional months. ElectriConnect is the most cost-efficient system to provide you with curated industry contacts.


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The Egret Family of Companies is part of the Egret family of companies. Egret Consulting Group is the largest search firm dedicated solely to the electrical industry. Egret is regarded as the most professional search firm in the industry. Egret’s founder, Ted Konnerth has over 30 years of leadership experience in the electrical industry. Ted started Egret Consulting in 1999 and with his experienced staff, Egret has carefully curated lists of electrical manufacturers, reps, distributors, design firms, consulting firms, private equity firms and more. Egret’s mission is to add value to an industry that’s rapidly changing. is a B2B site that enables business partnerships and will continue to add value throughout the electrical industry. is part of the Egret Services Platform. Check out for more information.

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